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TheConsumerLawyer.co.uk is the UK’s leading consumer law advice site, providing advice, guides and template letters, on many legal subjects that affect consumers. It is commonly referred to as the “go to site for consumer law issues” and is used as an authoritative source of information by consumer affairs journalists and the wider media.

The site was founded by multi-award-winning consumer lawyer Dean Dunham, who is widely considered to be one of the leading authorities on consumer law and is a passionate consumer rights campaigner. Dean is also a regular commentator in the media, writing a consumer law column in the Express every Thursday and the Sunday People every week. In addition, presents the Consumer Hour on LBC radio every Friday (9-10pm).

As well as providing guides in relation to popular consumer law matters, we also write advice blogs and guides on topical and specific issues affecting large numbers of consumers. To this end, the site has helped tens of thousands of people to obtain refunds and compensation for a wide array of consumer matters and continues to do so.


The experts

Most advice blogs and guides about ‘consumer law’ matters on the site are written by Dean. He has been a qualified Barrister and Solicitor-advocate for more than 20 years and named ‘Consumer Lawyer of the Year’ 2018, 2019 and 2020.

Jo Dunham ACIArb is a qualified Arbitrator, with 20 years experience in the legal sector. She writes the Mrs Arbitrator section of the site.

Warren Shute is one of the UKs leading financial advisors and a prominent commentator in the media. Warren writes for the Sunday Mirror and writes the Money Matters section of the site.

From time to time other ‘experts’ write advice blogs and guides for the site, such as employment, family and property lawyers and non-lawyer experts in fields such as financial, property and recruitment. Those that write for the site are all ‘leaders in their field’ and ‘true experts’, measured either by their qualifications or significant reputations.


The wider team

A talented team of people ensure the smooth operation of the site and make sure that it remains current and relevant. This includes:

  • Researchers
  • A social media specialist
  • A website developer
  • PR agent
  • Financial guru



The site is totally free to consumers and always will be. The site is funded privately by Dean and by advertising and sponsorship.

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