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Dean Dunham's upcoming book on Consumer Rights

For the past two years, Dean has been writing what he considers to be the most comprehensive consumer rights book ever to hit the bookshelves.

The book has been inspired by the thousands of questions and requests for advice Dean has received from listeners of his radio show (the LBC Consumer Hour) and readers of his weekly newspaper columns.

dean dunham's book

Dean’s Philosophy

Dean’s philosophy is you can navigate and effectively deal with any legal dispute or situation if you:

  • Know the law and therefore your rights and obligations;
  • Understand how the law is applied in different situations;
  • Are aware of the common fob offs used by traders;
  • Have relevant template letters to hand; and
  • Know what routes of redress or remedies are available.

Section Content

Each section of his new book contains:

  • Details of the law applicable to the particular situation;
  • Real life questions and answers – demonstrating how the law is properly applied;
  • Where relevant, templates;
  • Details of routes of redress and remedies available; and
  • Top tips.

How-to Guides

You will also find the ‘How to’ guides in the back of the book which will be cross referenced in many of the chapters

Fob Offs

During his long career as a consumer lawyer and radio presenter, Dean has heard just about every trick, excuse and ‘fob off’ in the book, used by traders. Each chapter therefore contains details of these so you know what to look out for and how to reply when a trader ‘tries it on’.

Legal Terminology/Lingo

When you complain to a trader it is important that you are able to cite the relevant law. You will therefore find throughout the book that Dean has provided not only the name of the Act or Regulation applicable to the situation being discussed, but also the  section number (for example, section 14 of the Consumer Rights Act 2015). He also uses a fair amount of legal terminology/lingo in the book and you will find an explanation of what it all means in the ‘What does it mean?’ section.


The Publisher will be releasing the book later in the year at a price of £19.99. Anyone who completes a pre-order form (below) will receive a 10% discount.

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