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Dean Dunham is an award-winning consumer lawyer and is widely regarded as one of the leading authorities on consumer rights and law. Consumers consider him to be one of the most trusted and familiar voices both on radio and in print on consumer law matters.

Dean has been a solicitor for 23 years, qualifying in May 2000, before subsequently qualifying as a solicitor-advocate, affording him higher rights of audience in both the civil and criminal courts. Dean was then called to the bar as a barrister.

Dean is also an accredited arbitrator with ‘Member’ status with the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators.

Dean has been awarded ‘Consumer Law, Lawyer of the Year‘ for 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022 and 2023. He has also been awarded ‘Solicitor-Advocate of the Year‘ for 2018 and 2019 and was included in the Thomson Reuters ‘Super Lawyers’ list.

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Upcoming Consumer Rights Book

For the past two years, Dean has been writing what he considers to be the most comprehensive consumer rights book ever to hit the bookshelves.

The book has been inspired by the thousands of questions and requests for advice Dean has received from listeners of his radio show (the LBC Consumer Hour) and readers of his weekly newspaper columns.

Dean’s philosophy is you can navigate and effectively deal with any legal dispute or situation if you:

  • Know the law and therefore your rights and obligations;
  • Understand how the law is applied in different situations;
  • Are aware of the common fob offs used by traders;
  • Have relevant template letters to hand; and
  • Know what routes of redress or remedies are available.

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Dean Dunham in the Media

Dean presents the LBC Consumer Hour, a call-in radio show, every Friday at 9pm and writes a consumer law column for the Daily Mail every Wednesday. He can also be seen on and

Dean is also a regular commentator on consumer law matters on television.

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