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TheConsumerLawyer.co.uk was launched in 2019 to provide much needed advice and information to the UK public, on consumer law matters.

The site was launched by multi-award-winning consumer lawyer Dean Dunham, in recognition of the following issues:

  • The internet is full of self-acclaimed ‘consumer experts’, dispensing incorrect and potentially damaging advice to consumers;
  • Many consumers do not have access to specialist legal advice as such advice is cost prohibitive;
  • Many consumers simply do not know their rights.

The site is therefore FREE for consumers to access and use and is authored by Dean Dunham and other experts who are leaders in their field. In this respect it has already become a site that is considered by many to be an ‘authority’ on consumer law matters and is the go-to site for consumer affairs journalists and the media.

The numbers

  • Between 300,000 – 450,000 unique users per month
  • Between 1m – 1.5m page views per month
  • 46,000 Newsletter subscribers
  • 25k Social media followers


97.5% of site visitors are 18+. ALL are consumers.

The opportunities

  • Headline site sponsorship
  • Section sponsorship
    • Banks section
    • Cars section
    • Family section
    • Employment section
    • Energy section
    • Travel section
    • Insurance section
    • Phones section
    • Scams section
    • Shopping section
    • Tradesmen section
  • News sponsorship
  • Newsletter sponsorship

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