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Energy supplier OVO has this week announced a £50m support package for its vulnerable customers. Here’s what you need to know:

  • OVO’s new Customer Support Package will be open from 1st October and will be targeted to help customers with a real and immediate need.
  • The £50m package includes –
    • Payment holidays for debt repayment for all prepayment meter customers so that every penny put on the meter will go towards heating, not paying back debt this winter
    • 200% increase in emergency top-up credit for customers on a prepayment meter and continued commitment to never disconnect a customer
    • Free technology and services such as smart thermostats, electric throws and boiler checks
    • A new charity partnership with the Trussell Trust to support food banks to meet increased need this winter – in addition to continued partnership with StepChange
    • Dedicated support for customers in the most financial difficulty from a specialist team, including support for those in financial difficulty for the first time. 60% of UK adults who are aware of the Government’s £400 discount don’t think it will be enough to cover their energy usage, and 74% would find it useful to have advice on accessing help and support if they can’t afford to pay their energy bills.**

OVO will be offering these services to those who need extra support and meet certain eligibility criteria,and will begin rolling these out to customers from 1st October and throughout the winter.

For more information on OVO’s Customer Support Package please visit the website.

Stephen Fitzpatrick, Founder of OVO said:

“The stakes are high but the scale of ambition needs to be higher. With the new Prime Minister due to arrive next week, there isn’t a moment to waste to find a way out of this crisis. Important and difficult decisions need to be made quickly. Some of these will need to take immediate effect, some in the months and years ahead. But we must start now. At OVO, we will continue to play an active role in proposing solutions, and putting our customers’ interests at the heart of the response. With fresh thinking, new leadership and bold action, it is still possible to keep everyone in Britain warm this winter.”

Raman Bhatia, CEO of OVO said:

“Our immediate focus is what we can do to help keep the lights on and our customers warm this winter. We are urging the Government to increase its support for those that need it. In the meantime, our Customer Support Package will provide immediate support to our customers who need it most right now. By working with partners like StepChange and Trussell Trust we can directly help people facing hardship this winter and beyond.”

Dean Dunham, said:

This is great news for OVO customers, and I sincerely hope that other energy suppliers follow suite.

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