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Burst water pipes: your rights

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Over the past week, the heat wave has caused water pipes to burst and, with more hot weather forecast, it is likely we will see more pipes burst. If water pipes burst in your area, here are your rights:

You are entitled to an alternative water supply

If your water supply is cut off for more than 12 hours, your water company must provide you with an alternative supply, typically bottled water or a mobile water tank within the vicinity of your home.

Your water company must also provide you with at least 10 litres of water per person within your home within the first 24 hours, and then continue with that supply until your water is turned back on.

You may be entitled to compensation

Your water company must restore your water within 12 hours, or 48 hours if the problem is with one of the central water mains.

If your water supply isn’t restored within the timescale promised, you will be entitled to £20 compensation for the first 24 hours that you are without water, and then an additional £10 for each further 24-hour period you are without running water.

If your water company fails to pay you the compensation to which you are entitled on time, you can claim an additional £20.

Exceptions to the rule

If your water company is unable to restore your water within the usual time limits due to severe weather, staff strikes, or for some other reason outside of its control, it is likely it will not have to pay you compensation.

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