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Government U-Turn on new parking ticket rules

Closeup of parking tickets under windshield wiper of a car

In February, Government announced a new Private Parking Code of Practice (the Code), designed to end some of the worst practices in the private parking sector, thus protecting drivers.

The Code was to be part of a Governments plan to create a system for drivers. Amongst the proposed rules:

  • A cap on private parking fines of £50, down from £100, and in some cases more;
  • A fairer appeal system; and
  • A grace period for lateness in paying any fine. Any fine paid within two weeks of being issued would benefit from a 50% discount.

Under the initial announcement, private car park operators who went against these rules would be barred from collecting any fines from motorists.

This was good news for motorists, and long overdue. However, Government has now announced that it has temporarily withdrawn the Code, pending review of the levels of private parking charges and additional fees.


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