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KNOW YOUR RIGHTS: Online Card Payments

By Dean Dunham 20 March 2022

New fraud-prevention rules came into force this week and if you are a credit or debit card user you will be affected by them. Here is what you need to know:
What are the new rules
The new rules are known as ‘Strong Customer Authentication (SCA)’, which require both debit and credit card providers to ask customers to verify certain payments. This is another initiative designed to help combat fraud and scams.
What will it mean to me?
When you use you to make a purchase online with your credit or debit card you are now likely to receive a text or phone call from your card provider. The purpose of the call will be for the card provider to verify that it is really you who is trying to use the card.
Whilst the new rules came into effect this week, many providers have already been doing this so you may have already experienced this.
Will this affect all transactions?
Not all transactions but it would appear that most will. Many factors will determine whether a payment is verified, such as the amount risk factor. The following payments are likely to be verified:
• Online payments over £25.
• Online payments up to £25 where you’ve made multiple payments in a row totalling more than £85.
• New or modified recurring payments (i.e. regular payments to the same trader)
Do I need to do anything?
No, but it’s important to make sure your card provider always has your up-to-date contact details.

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