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End of year scams, could you be a victim?

By Dean Dunham – 28 November 2021

Every week I highlight the latest scams for readers and have recently warned of the increased risk of being scammed during the Black Friday sales and Christmas shopping period. This is a significant issue and the reality is anyone can fall victim to a scam, no matter how savvy you think you are, as these readers discovered:

Credit card application

After falling victim to a scam last years John from Southend checks his credit file every month. Upon checking it this month he found that a credit card had been taken out in his name on 3rd November. He contacted the card provider and discovered that £836 has been spent on the card this month (I assume on Black Friday deals).

Fake website

Gina from Ipswich needed a new laptop so planned to grab a bargain in the Black Friday sales. She started searching the web this week and came across a website with lots of great deals on laptops. She promptly chose her new laptop and made a payment. She was so impressed with the deal she decided to go online and write a review about the trader. However she then discovered lots of review from other consumers confirming that the site was a ‘scam’. I’ve advised Gina to contact her card provider and make a chargeback claim.

Fake goods

Tom from King’s Lynn saw a Black Friday advert advertising huge discounts on designer wear. He clicked on the advert and chose two pairs of Diesel jeans. When they arrived this week he was horrified to find they were not ‘genuine’ Diesel but instead an imitation.

Fictitious vouchers codes

Jenny in Canterbury received an email advertising ‘Black Friday Voucher Codes – up to 70% off’. The email directed her to click a link and fill out her details in order to claim the money off vouchers. Luckily Jenny got suspicious with all the information she was being asked to supply so she contact me. I soon discovered it was a scam

Christmas shopping club

Wendy from Manchester joined a Christmas shopping club in January. She paid £35 per month into the club but discovered this month that it’s a scam. She paid by bank transfer so I have advised her to make a claim to her bank under the Authorised Push Payment Scam Code – which provides that banks will reimburse customers who fall victim to a scam and send money via a transfer.

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