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Tonight (24th February 2021) at 8pm I will be doing PART 2 of this YouTube livestream. I will be: i) providing an update on my discussions with BH&HPA; ii) discussing tied services and whether park owners can force you to use its contractors for the likes of decking; and iii) discussing your rights when you sell your caravan.

Part 1

On 17th February 2021 I did a YouTube live stream to answer caravan owners’ questions about their pitch agreements, and their treatment by park owners. I specifically dealt with pitch fees (and the yearly increase) and the park owners’ termination rights.

You can watch PART 1 again here:

How to view the livestream tonight

If you want to join in, follow these steps:

  1. Go to

2. Click on subscribe:


3. Follow the steps on screen – it’s very easy.

4. Once you have subscribed, go to the live stream advert and click on ‘Set Reminder’

You will now receive a reminder on the day and will be able to go straight into the live stream from 8pm on 24th February.






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