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Are caravan park owners breaching consumer protection laws?

On 17th February 2021 I am doing a YouTube live stream to answer caravan owners’ questions about their pitch agreements, and their treatment by park owners.

I will be advising if park owners are breaching consumer protection laws, and what action can be taken in this regard.

As part of the live stream, I will be looking to gain a detailed appreciation of the issues caravan owners are experiencing with park owners, and the detriment suffered. Armed with this information, I will be making formal representations to the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA). The live stream will also be used as an evidence gathering exercise, which will provide valuable information for the CMA.

This exercise will only be effective if large numbers of caravan owners attend the live stream, to enable the CMA to physically see the extent of the issue and consumer detriment being suffered.

If you want to join in, follow these steps:

  1. Go to

2. Click on subscribe:


3. Follow the steps on screen – it’s very easy.

4. Once you have subscribed, go to the live stream advert (as show below right) and click on ‘Set Reminder’

You will now receive a reminder on the day and will be able to go straight into the live stream from 8pm on 17th February.

You can also join my live stream on Monday 8th February at 8pm if you have any other consumer law questions (I run this every Monday evening), or listen to me on LBC Radio every Friday at 9pm.

I look forward to seeing you all


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