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Teletext Holidays – Live Q&A Stream for customers waiting for a refund


A significant number of consumers are still waiting for a refund from Teletext Holidays, in relation to a cancelled holiday.

Whilst it is clear that Teletext Holidays is processing refunds, it is doing so VERY slowly and in my view haphazardly. I have therefore heard from consumers who have waited more than ten months for their refund and despite statements to the contrary, refunds are not being made in date order.

More needs to be done, as this saga is causing significant consumer detriment. On Wednesday 27th January 2021 (8pm) I am holding a live stream via You Tube for consumers waiting for a refund from Teletext Holidays. The purpose of the live stream is threefold: i) to collate further evidence to submit to the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA), ii) to provide additional advice on getting your refund (other than simply waiting), and iii) to answer individual questions from consumers on the subject of Teletext refunds.

How to join the live stream

The live stream is being staged via my YouTube channel. To join follow these instructions:

  1. Click here at 8pm (27th January):
  2. Press Subscribe (you can view without doing this but wont be able to ask a question and wont receive updates afterwards).
  3. Click on the live stream to join.

4. You can also click on the link above now, subscribe and then press the reminder button, you will then be all set.

How it will work

During the live stream you will see a ‘chat box’ on the right side, as below:

CMA Evidence

In the first part of the live stream I am going to ask those online a series of questions, like “who has been waiting for more than ten months for a refund”, “who has been told they will get their refund when the airline refunds Teletext Holidays, even though the airline has already done so”

If the question applies to you, simply type “me” or something similar in the chat box.

This will therefore provide further evidence to the CMA of the number of consumers affected and the different issues and scenarios. To be effective, we need as many affected consumers as possible to join in.


I will be dispensing further tips and advice on next steps you can take (including, section 75, chargeback, small claims court, statutory demand). I will also be providing templates for all this.


In the last part of the live stream I will be taking your questions. To ask me a question simply type it in the chat box. I will get through as many as possible.

I really hope this helps. Look forward to seeing you all Wednesday evening.



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