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Your rights if you are subject of a local lockdown

With the threat of further local lockdowns looming, many people have been asking me what it will actually mean and what their rights will be if their area goes into lockdown.

If you live in an area which is ordered into a lockdown, the local lockdown rules are likely to require you to stay at home and therefore to avoid all but essential travel to, from and within the area. With more and more local lockdowns starting to take effect readers have been asking me what their rights are in relation to work, holiday and events bookings if they are ordered to lock down. Here is what you need to know:

Can I go to work?

People living inside and outside of areas on local lockdown can continue to travel in and out for work.

Can I go to religious ceremonies or places of worship?

Government has said that you may attend a mosque, church, synagogue, temple or other place or worship, but you should socially distance from people outside of your household.

Can I go to a wedding or funeral?

No rule has been put in place prohibiting attendance at weddings, civil partnerships and funerals, even if they are taking place outside of an area on lockdown. However, such gatherings must have no more than 30 people.

However, wedding receptions and parties are still prohibited, even in areas that are not subject of a local lockdown.

Can I travel in my area?

The rules imposed in relation to local lockdowns can differ area to area. However, I have not seen any suggestion that you would be prohibited to travel. However, some areas will impose a limit on how far you can travel and you should try not to share a car with those outside of your household or social bubble.

Can I travel outside of my area?

You should not travel outside of your area to meet people other than those in your support bubble, in their homes or gardens, or indoor public places.

You can still go on holiday outside of your area, but you can only do this with people you live with (or have formed a support bubble with).

Can I visit friends or family in a care home?

You should not visit friends or family in care homes, other than in exceptional circumstances.

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