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The Consumer Lawyer launches new site with a new team is the UK’s leading dedicated consumer law advice site, providing advice, guidance, and template letters on many subjects affecting consumers. We are commonly referred to as “the go to site for consumer law issues” and the site is used as an authoritative source of information by consumer affairs journalists and the wider media community.
The site was founded by multi-award-winning lawyer Dean Dunham, who is widely considered as one of the leading authorities on consumer law, and is a passionate consumer rights campaigner. Dean is also a regular commentator in the media, writing consumer law columns every week in the Daily Express and Sunday People, and co-hosting the Consumer Hour on LBC radio every Sunday, 9-10pm.
We have today launched a new website, designed to i) deal with a wider range of issues, ii) provide more advice blogs, guides and templates in more legal areas and ii) keep consumer up to date and informed about their consumer rights. We have also launched a facebook page (@theconsumerlawyer) to complement the twitter page already operated by Dean (@deandunham).
The admin team behind the site has also been increased, to include researchers, a social media expert and news content writer. Dean has also invited other experts to contribute advice blogs and guides for the site, such as employment lawyers, family and property lawyers, and non-legal experts in fields such as financial, property and recruitment. These  are all ‘leaders in their field’ and ‘true experts’, measured by their achievements, reputations and qualifications.
The site remains completely FREE for consumers to use and will also now produce a fortnightly consumer affairs update for subscribers, which will contain useful tips, advice, guidance and relevant news.

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