Subscribers to BT Sport pay to watch live sport only available via the broadcaster, and have the ability to see a schedule of the forthcoming events before signing up. Sport of course has been one of the casualties of Covid-19, with almost all sporting events being cancelled until further notice, leaving BT Sport subscribers wondering what they are getting for their money.

There have been numerous calls on BT to announce what it will be doing for its subscribers and they have now answered the question by releasing a policy on the matter.  The policy states that customers can claim a credit for the months when sporting events are suspended.

The policy can be found here:

My view

It’s a good start but BT has not gone far enough. It is highly unlikely that we will see sport back on our screens within one month, so a one-month credit simply does not cut it. What BT needs to do is offer its customers two options i) to cancel the subscription; or ii) to provide a one-month credit and suspend the subscription until live sport returns to our screens.

BT is not alone, there are many other traders/providers still taking consumers’money for subscriptions/services they currently cannot provide. This is unfair, and contrary to the Consumer Rights Act 2015.