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  1. Dear Dean

    When I ordered a Sky subscription and a Sky Q UHD (ultra-high definition) PVR (personal video recorder) by telephone (because I could not find the 2 TB hard-disk drive version of the PVR on Sky’s web site) I requested that I be allowed to open the packaging of the Sky Q UHD PVR and set it up myself because I have OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder) and the worst symptom I have is a fear of excrement which may have been transferred by footwear, luggage or touch I wasn’t told that someone would have broken the packaging seal and handled the Sky Q UHD PVR to update the software.

    However when I was given the Sky Q UHD PVR in its box I noticed that the seal of the packaging had been broken (see photograph below):

    [Cannot paste picture here.]

    The Sky technician said that the package had been opened by another person to update the software but the software update would have been done anyway as part of the Sky Q UHD PVR setup.

    I requested a replacement Sky Q UHD PVR with the seal intact but was told by the Sky Accessible Customer Service team that nothing could be done.

    What consumer rights do I have?

    Kind regards

    Dawn Cable (Ms)