British Airways (BA) has been locked in negotiations with the British Airline Pilots Association (BALPA) in a dispute over pilots’ pay. Unfortunately these negotiations have broken down this evening, leaving BALPA to announce that the three-day strike will go ahead.


BA said it is making changes to its flight schedule and said: “we will do everything we can to get as many people away on their journeys as possible”.

“However, it is likely that many of our customers will not be able to travel and we will be offering refunds and rebookings for passengers booked on cancelled flights,” 


Under EU flight delay law (known as EC261), passengers affected by the BA cancellations will have the right to either be re-routed (i.e. to be booked on an alternative flight) or a full refund for their ticket.

Unfortunately, on the basis that BA are cancelling the affected flights more than two weeks in advance, passengers will not be entitled to compensation.