Heathrow August 2019 strikes – your rights

A two-day strike at Heathrow airport, which it is reported will involve engineers, firefighters and security personnel is due to start after midnight on Monday 5 August, and continues until 11.59pm on Tuesday, unless unions can strike a deal with the airport management beforehand.

If you’re due to fly from Heathrow here’s what you need to know:

Which flights will be affected?

We know that 177 flights have been cancelled so far, but for unhelpfully no details of these 177 flights has been announced. The reason for this is that Heathrow simply decided to cancel this number of flights to ease the burden on security and other parts of the airport administration. At the time of its last announcement it had not identified the flights that will be affected.

If you’re flights is scheduled to depart during the strike window you should contact your airline immediately to seek confirmation as to the status of your flight.

Will I be entitled to compensation?

If your flight is cancelled or indeed delayed due the airport strikes you will not be entitled to compensation, as the cause will have been ‘outside of the airlines control and is therefore classed as ‘extraordinary circumstances’. However, you will be entitled to be re-routed (if possible) or to a full refund.

Further strikes

The news doesn’t get any better for travellers as further strikes at Heathrow are also planned for 23rd and 24th August 2019, unless the dispute can be resolved in the meantime.

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