I am starting to hear stories about rogue door step sellers claiming to be selling on behalf of High Street brands as part of Black Friday. Black Friday is on 23 November and is basically a ‘sale’ event. Many retailers promote deals running up to Black Friday and fraudsters are now taking advantage of this, and bringing what sounds like a bargain, to your front door. No reputable company gets involved with door step selling, so if a doorstep seller tells you they are selling on behalf of a brand, it is almost certainly going to be a scam.


  1. Dear sir
    I was scammed by an unregulated binary option trader back in 2016. I realized within a week that I have been scammed. I asked the trader that please refund me the as I am not interested to trade but they persuaded me to trade but I refused. This trader was claiming on their website that they are regulated but I later discovered that they are not and their platform was running offline.
    It was nearly £12500 I deposit from my credit cards.
    Finally I asked the bank and bank applied chargeback.
    Trader rang and asked me to go back on chargeback and we will refund you but I refused as I did not trust the trader. Finally bank decided in favour of trader and did not refund to me and said that the chargeback was declined.
    I look my case to uk ombudsman services. After several months they decided in my favour and asked the bank to refund but I there final decision they decided in banks favour.
    This trader is now shut down by Israeli government as illegal.
    Is there anything I can do to retrieve my money as all the money was their in my trade account.
    I have screen shots, recorded and email communications as a proof.
    Best regards