Refused a credit card? Your rights

I keep being asked “I’ve been declined a credit card, what are my rights”. Firstly, it is a well-known fact that roughly one third of the population is turned down for a credit card each year. So, if you’ve had an application denied you’re not alone. Here’s the key points you need to know:

Can I make a legal challenge?                  

Generally no. The reason fort this is that you are not ‘entitled’ to a credit card as of right and the card providers have no obligation to provide you with one. In fact, these days these is a strict onus on the card providers to be far more strict with their application criteria so that they limit the risk of providing credit to consumers who cannot afford it.

What can I do?                                                                                                

 There are many ways to improve your chances of a successful application. However, the first port of call is to find out why you have refused so that you can deal with the issue for the future.

Common reasons for refusal are: not being on the electoral role (easily fixed), already having bad credit, already having too much credit and out of date financial associations (such as with an ex-partner).

Do I have a bad credit rating?                                                                                     

The best way to find out is to obtain your credit report from one of the main credit reference agencies: Equifax, Experian, CallCredit. If you dispute anything on the report (perhaps something fraudulent) contact all three agencies and explain why.

How do I disassociate from my ex-partner on my credit report?                                   

All you need to do is contact each of the three credit reference agencies, above, and ask to be disassociated from your ex.

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